History Of “Heavy Snow Down Low”

It is late November and as I stare out the studio window I see the approaching storm.  It is promised to be a heavy snow and with it’s arrival  I can only dream of the possibilities it brings and the painting ideas that could be born.  By early afternoon on the second day the storm revealed that it was no slouch and brings all that was promised…a heavy blanket of snow.  As the clouds thinned I grab for the camera and prepare for the cold, crisp air.  Not far from my home on one of my favorite photographing routs I round the corner and encounter a young four point buck,  he too is taking advantage of the lift in the storm.  I have seen him here before, not to far from here and I know he too is traveling one of his favorite routes.  A few years from now, much older and wiser he will again pass this way.  Who knows what he will have become, one can only imagine and only time will really tell…but one thing is for sure he will be traveling  again when there is “Heavy Snow Down Low”